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Welcome to the ProTrainings health and safety online course, which will cover many subjects in different workplaces. We can only talk generally on this course so it is important that you ask your managers about the policies and procedures where you work.

This course can either be taken as a 100% online course or you can add a practical session with one if our national approved and monitored instructors. With a practical session you can also upgrade to the regulated version but there is an additional certification and practical session charge. In most cases you do not need to complete a practical session. If you would like to or need a practical part and you have not already arranged this, contact us at support@protrainings.eu or phone 01206 805359 and we can get you booked on a local course.

The course is designed to fit in with your schedule, you can re-watch videos and take a break whenever you need to. The course is broken down into topics, first you watch the short video followed by a knowledge review to check that you have fully understood each subject, before moving on to the next one. When you have worked your way through the videos and knowledge reviews you will take the course test. You can review any video on the course at any time.

You can download a student manual to go with your course at any time through the student download area where you will also find other useful material and links.   If you answer any quiz or test question incorrectly don't worry, you will be offered remedial help to enable you to fully understand every subject covered in the course. This course doesn't have to be taken in one sitting, you can leave the course and come back to exactly where you left it.

Once you passed the test you can instantly print off your completion certificate, Certified CPD statement and an evidence based learning
statement if you need one.  All our online courses give you access for 8 months so you can watch the latest videos, review existing videos and download the documents, even after you have passed the test.